My wife has been teaching in this school for 3 years. Lots of ups and downs, as what are normally happen... but, the memory will still remains... thank you 'Suratians'...

Farewell Surati

I took a day off to watch my son compete in 80m hurdles. He was down at the last hurdle, but the thing that he did after that really blown me away. He keeps running and took the 3rd place which qualified him in the final round.

Track and Field 2015 - Kinarut Zone

This is the first day of the event. I was one of the tournament officials, it was hard for me to take the shots. But, here are some of them.

Track and Field 2015 - My Zone

Just us, having some great time together. This time, all the boys are with me, while both my girls doing that 'girl's things'...
But first, lets recharge. We fuel ourselves here at Homes's Cafe and Restaurant.

Having Fun

This is my mom. We're celebrating her birthday at Tanjung Lipat Beach. We decided to celebrates all of our family whose birthday is on January, so it was a special birthday after all.

My Mom's Birthday

This was an unplanned trip, it was more like "okay, pack it up, let's go to the island" thing. Anyway, a family from Brunei was here for a couple of days. They decided to have some fun, and wanna us to join them.
Here's some photos of us at the island, and a little 'ninja's fighting' at the end.

Getting Wet at Sapi Island

Every 12 Rabiulawal (Islamic calendar), muslims around the world will commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Mawlid An Nabi (Maulidur Rasul)

Day 3; This time my sister came along. Having breakfast at her home, then revisited the museum, but this time at the Cultural Village. Next, we went to UMS Aquarium and having lunch by the road.

Family Outing - Part 3